Triple Play Communications offers a unique and complete partnership to our clients in providing mobile and wireless solutions. We take the consultative approach with each customer so that we can identify the company’s potential areas for increasing productivity and efficiency. We act as a guide for the customer to evaluate the current infrastructure of mobile employees and other staff members…where you are and where you would like to go. The portfolio of solutions and strategic partners is not only extensive at Triple Play Communications, but also top of the line. It is our number one priority to satisfy the needs of our customers so we understand that having options is key. We will work as a team to decide what solution is best for you and then help you choose from our mobile devices and accessories to compliment that solution. Because we work with reputable hardware providers such as RIM, HP, and Motorola, we are confident that you will find what you need. Not only do we have well-trained sales teams, but everyone in management at Triple Play Wireless has worked successfully in AT&T’s mobility sales force. That sets us apart in the world of data solutions providers. Our experience brings great value to any company partnering with us because AT&T is our exclusive wireless communications provider. Each customer will receive knowledge and experience from both sides: AT&T and Triple Play Communications

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