AT&T Cybersecurity Consulting services address your security needs with a multi-layered approach.

Network-based Firewall

With network-based firewall, the new security management reporting tool lets you review bandwidth usage, address security-related compliance issues, and configure your firewall security services according to your specific corporate security policies.

Premise-based Firewall

To help detect and mitigate risks, premises-based firewalls have become an important part of any corporate security program, and should be looked upon as the foundation of internetwork security.

DDoS Defense

AT&T DDoS Defense Service provides cloud-based monitoring of volumetric distributed denial of service attacks with detailed traffic analysis and may activate mitigation to help prevent malicious traffic from entering your network.

Vulnerability Scanning

AT&T Vulnerability Scanning is the first steps to finding the risks you’re taking with your network.

Alien Vault

Alien Vault involves threat detection and incidence response for your network in one platform.

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